Daily Routine Management/Help

I’ve been thinking about ways to integrate into HA some routine management tasks as a way to better structure my day and keep me moving in the morning and get to bed on-time at night and wanted to ask if anyone else had toyed around with the idea of creating automations in HA to do such things.

My ideas are:

  • Lamp flashes if I snooze the alarm more than once.

  • Lights will blink once, when I approach 10 minutes and flash when I exceed 10 minutes for showering.

  • Livingroom/Desk lights will signal based on traffic when it approaching time for me to walk out the door.

  • Lights will dim lower and lower as it gets closer and closer to my bedtime, and flash if I am not in bed by the right time.

  • Some method for ensuring I cannot easily disable these features to make sure I follow them to get on a standardized routine.

Anyways if anyone else has any suggestions or examples of their own that help let me know!