🌞🌦️ Daily weather forecast notification

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

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:cloud_with_lightning: This is a customisable daily weather notification sent to your phone that can also include tomorrow’s forecast. The notification icon will update depending on today’s forecast (android only).

:sunny:The Automation

  • Trigger
    The trigger is set to everyday at a time you specify. This will trigger the automation and send the notification at that time.

  • Today’s Forecast
    Today’s forecast can include the following items:

    • :cloud:Condition - weather condition (e.g. Sunny)
    • :thermometer:Temperature - high and low temperatures.
    • :umbrella:Precipitation - predicted amount of precipitation.
    • :dash:Wind - the wind speed and wind bearing.
  • Tomorrow’s Forecast
    Tomorrow’s forecast can optionally be appended to the bottom of the notification.

  • Pre-Requisites:

    • Weather integration configured in Home Assistant.
    • Home Assistant companion application installed on a device.
  • Notes:
    I have based this blueprint on the most popular weather integration (Met.no) and the attributes available. These attributes should be common to other weather integrations as well.

  • Updates
    3/5/24 - Enabled multiple devices to be notified at once.


could you have it notify every device with the app?

I’ve just updated it so you can select multiple devices now :slight_smile:

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  1. Can you add a mute function?
  2. My Integration hast No bearings but he write something wrong in it (maybe you can let it activate manually?)

What do you mean by a mute function? If you want to stop the notifications you can disable the notification.

Do you mean your integration has no wind bearing entity? I would suggest not selecting the wind option for the notification if so.

i dont want a sound on the notification

i wanna have wind but no bearings

Notification sounds are controlled through your device or the companion app and not configured by the blueprint.

I don’t want to make it too granular for people so just want one option for wind but you can import the blueprint then edit it to remove the wind bearing part.

Any plans to add other languages?

No, sorry. It would be fairly straightforward to edit the blueprint yourself to change the notification language though.

Does this support OpenWeatherMap? I get the error
Error: Weather entity ‘weather.openweathermap’ does not support ‘daily’ forecast

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Hi, it looks like the free version of that integration only supports ‘hourly’ forecasts every three hours. This only provides the forecasted weather at that point in time.

I can look at adding this in however it’s a bit more complicated. Either I could set a notification to provide the forecast at a specific point in time (e.g. midday) or somehow aggregate the data from the hourly forecast to create my own daily one. I’ll have a think about it.