Dallas 1-wire address


Successfully getting temperature to Home Assistant from esphomelib on a Dallas ds18b20 via Wemos D1 on D4 using index: 0 but can’t work out how to get the address.

When I try the example from https://esphomelib.com/esphomeyaml/components/sensor/dallas.html#dallas-getting-ids with logging set to DEBUG or VERBOSE nothing happens, ie. no log output.

snip from the pertinent bit of my config.yaml
level: VERBOSE


  - pin: D4
  - platform: dallas
    index:  0
    name: "soil temperature"

Have tried several uploads with the sensor commented out like the above example, the log output simply does nothing after starting. However with above it outputs temp OK. Guessing I’m missing a detail for the logger level format?

Try only using dallas: & - pin D4 without defining a sensor. The log will provide an address for any devices it finds.

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