(dallas DS18B20) tempsensor out of bounds (invalid reading) help!

So I got 6 sensors reading the temperature on the roof (solar heating pool) the readings go from reading a “valid” reading to invalid = 85.0 Celsius / NAN / NA

|18:37:56|[D]|[dallas.sensor:143]|‘temp_mat_DS18B20_1’: Got Temperature=85.0°C|
|18:37:56|[D]|[dallas.sensor:143]|‘temp_mat_DS18B20_2’: Got Temperature=1.6°C|
|18:37:56|[D]|[dallas.sensor:143]|‘temp_mat_DS18B20_3’: Got Temperature=1.1°C|
|18:37:56|[D]|[dallas.sensor:143]|‘temp_mat_DS18B20_4’: Got Temperature=1.6°C|
|18:37:56|[D]|[dallas.sensor:143]|‘temp_mat_DS18B20_5’: Got Temperature=3.4°C|
|18:37:56|[D]|[dallas.sensor:143]|‘temp_mat_DS18B20_6’: Got Temperature=85.0°C|

I calculate an average and use that in HA automation(s)

How do i configure it in ESPhome that either the reading gets ignored aka a bit of code i can add that just ignore(s) if its out of bound(s)

Look at Sensor Filters in the Sensor Core documentation:

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You have a bad connection on the 1-wire bus. 85C means “bad reading”.

It’s a hardware fault.

You can delete the bad readings from statistics, but the hardware fault will get worse.

there is also an alternative component for dallas; lots of reports on this thread that are worth reading. Bit of fiddling needed. capacitance is a problem. all mine are working … just

@FloatingBoater, if they get to degraded I will change them, i only need 2 or 3 to be operational …

they basicly served their purpose as in:

  • I did some experiments with solar heating swimming pool water on a shed roof, after the tests where done I kept them to monitor.

if temp reaches above 40-50 C (summer time) i start pumping poolwater through the solar heating, it drops to just above the pool temp (heating 1 or 2 degrees in the proces) if it is equal → turn of pump

@JulianDH sorry i am not getting the alternative / capacitance part could you supply me with a link to the thread(s) please ?

Many posts but you can start here. It was a day or two ago. And loads on the web. I managed to get to 25 m on my Dallas.

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