Danale Camera in HA

Hi All,

I am new to Homeassistant, I am starting in home security. I have few of Jooan home monitoring cameras. I like to integrate the feed in homeassistant. can anyone tell me the best way to do it?
Below is the link of the camera I have. They run on a mobile phone using the app Danale.

Using the info here


You should be able to get something up and running using either the Generic IP camera

or Generic MJPEG camera components

Thanks jivesinger, sorry I wasn’t able to test it I was out of town. After looking at ispyconnect and both links for Generic camera, the only thing showing up in HA is the black window without any image.

I just purchased a Danale (L800_A) camera and also looking at integration with HA. Were you able to get your model integrated?

It worked however it is pretty slow so I removed it and installed ISPY to monitor the cameras.

Mind sharing your configuration?

I would like the configuration as well I have a floodlight camera I would like to integrate.

did you, or anyone else, manage it to connect jooan nvr to Home Assistant?