Danalock BTZE V2 entities?

Im not sure if any others have any Danalock experience, but i only get one entity with my Danalock which is:

entity_id: lock.husdor_locked_21_0

This always shows as state “unlocked”, and if i trigger the switch it tries to lock again. When it then gets locked i cannot unlock it either, so basically the only thing i can get done with my Danalock trough zwave is to lock it.

Any others which want to share their experience with Danalock?
Note: The lock is zwave secure included.

You need to set configuration parameter 12 to advanced (2) This lock is not very cooperative in standard report type.

Whats the practical difference between advanced (1) and mode 2 as you mention?

“0 = Simple supported by all controllers that support
door locks. 1 = Advanced, more specific reports
through notification Command Class. 2 = No Door
lock operation reports are sent unsolicited. Should
not be used. Use Notification CC enable instead.”

I tested using advanced (which is 1) and now i get more status, but it shows as unlocked when its locked and vice versa.

Sorry, typo. The parameter is supposed to be 1, advanced.

Right, no worries.
Im having issues with my Danalock is “Lock jammed”, but that is for another forum :wink: