Danalock V3 - Bluetooth controlling?

Hi everyone,
I have a Danalock V3BT (Bluetooth only edition) and have for the last 4 months been in contact with the company about it, because the feature i need is not working and the customer service is not existing. The feature i need and reason why i brought it is the auto unlock feature, but i can only get it to work if i lock the lock with the phone. But most times i lock with my key. But even if i lock with key i can unlock with the app manually and thats the strange part.

I have been searching and i cant seem to find any bluetooth only controlling for HA, but i found that someone have made it work with Openhab ( https://community.openhab.org/t/controlling-danalock-via-openhab-using-old-android-phone/45426/2 ) but it seem a little to technical and/or documention is to weak for me to understand and/or make it work for me on HA.

No one being able to get this in HA?

Another one who will be very pleased if someone can give us some support for the bluetooth model only


Is there a solution possible?

So sad that we have quite a strong bluetooth radio on our raspberry pi, but no code to use it with danalock exists yet ;(

any luck with the integrating bluetooth version of danalock v3 in home assistant.

I can’t in any way recommend Danalock.
We had that lock in our old apartment but it works so poorly that I do not even want to try and mount it again.
My advice is to look at a better option.

I’ ve had my lock ble version and it has worked fine hardly any issues using the danalock app. would have just love to have it integrated in home assistant.

For us the lock unlocked the door every time we walked upstairs.
During a night the lock could unlock itself up to seven times.

And worst of all, it does not report a jammed lock. That is the worst part of all.
If the door is not correctly closed and it can’t lock the door then there is no warning at all, no light, no sound, no app notification that the door has failed to lock the door.

no such issues here. i see u had a go at adding the bridge in node red how was that experience? As i’ve got a bridge myself.

It never worked. I tried for weeks to get the Node red flow to work but it failed every time.

What does your lock do when it jams?

i have a self closing door and im in uk where i have to lift my door handle to engage it be locked. so door locks about 98% of the time and when it doesn’t i could normally hear it as i leave in flat.

Sorry to hear that. I have 8 Danalocks and they work like charm.
I’ve hade som trouble with Z-wave which I asume depends on the distans to the hub.
And I have a few that sounds more than the others, but exept that they are greate.
I did try both Yale Doorman and ID Lock 150 before, but they did not made a good impression.

I would love way to controll Danalock through Bluetotth especialy now when you can use a ESP32 as a Proxie.


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I am wondering if anyone has been able to use V3BT inn HA.

I too would love way to controll Danalock through Bluetotth especialy now we can use a ESP32 as a Proxie. Somebody/anybody?