Danalock v3 Zigbee sending "lock" status to HA even if lock cannot be completed

I just got a Danalock v3 Zigbee and I linked it to my zigbee network (CC2531 using zigbee2mqtt + MQTT Mosquitto broker) and it´s working as expected (I am able to lock and unlock the door from HA and see the status of the lock) but there is one situation when the lock send a lock status even when it´s still unlocked.

This situation happens when the lock cannot be locked (i.e. if I forgot to lift the handle), and instead of reporting an error or staying in “unlock” status, the lock sends this message to the zigbee hub indicating it is locked (when actually it is not):


The mobile app (which communicates with the lock using bluetooth) shows the correct status (still unlocked) so I think the issue is just affecting the information sent through zigbee, is anyone having this lock and using a similar configuration? I would like to know if this issue is happening to more people as I haven´t seen any post about it.