Danfoss 014g2461 zigbee2mqtt partial loose connection after HA restart


I’m not sure if this is an HA issue, but anyway somewhere needs to start :smiley:

In short, I have a pretty simple setup, 3 Danfoss 014g2461, connected to Zigbee2MQTT and HA on top.
Temperature set points are done manually or semi-manually, with no weird setups, just automation triggering changes.
Coordinator: CC2652P USB Dongle

The issue is, that after the HA update followed by the HA restart I lose connection to the random head, but almost definitely to at least one.
To be more specific - it can read the current temperature and R/O parameters, but any update is not working including “occupied_heating_setpoint” which is essential for my setup. Tried from HA and z2m interface - not working in both.
To get it back to normal I need to go through the factory reset procedure:
-) force remove the device from z2m
-) stop z2m
-) f. reset valve
-) start z2m
-) connect valve
-) rename it back to the previous name

Quite annoying to do that after every update. :smiley:
Any ideas about what is wrong and how can I get it to work normally?