Danfoss Ally gateway in HA

Hello all – I hope someone can help. I have a Danfoss Icon floorheating system which I now have connected with my Danfoss Ally system. All my Icon thermostats is now showing up in the Ally system via the zigbee modul I added. But how do I get this to show up in my Home assistant? How do I add the Danfoss Ally gateway to HA? I use a Conbee II for my zigbee and phoscon in HA.

Really no one that can help?

Hi @JJ00-dk.

I am not sure, if there is a way to integrate Danfoss Ally GATEWAY to Home Assistant. It look like there is no integration in https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/ for gateway. Maybe you have to google for some custom integration on internet. :frowning:

There is no way, how to use ConBee with Gateway together. ZigBee network must have maximum one “coordinator” device. It is something like master of network. ConBee works as coordinator. And Danfoss Ally Gateway also works as ZigBee coordinator. So you have do decide if use Ally Gateway or if to use ConBee. Not both together.

Hi Mazal
Thanks for your ansvar I appreciate it. And it make sens what you say that there can not bee two Zigbee coordinators. And I have to use the conbee because it already controlls all my lights in my house. So I “just” have to get the zigbee module (not gateway) of my Icon floorheating system to talk to my conbee. I think i’ll have to use google some more and hope that some genius can figure out how to get that to work :crossed_fingers: because i’m really lost right now :upside_down_face:

Hey Jesper
have you fund a way to control danfoss master in HA, I can control the danfoss master in deconz, but a can´t get them in phoscon and HA

Hi guys,

I have the Icon Master Controller for the underfloor heating and Zigbee Module as well and need to decide if I will integrate via Conbee - or roll up my sleeves and integrate via the Danfoss Ally gateway. The latter would have the advantage that I could use the Danfoss App as well as HA…

I had a look at the Danfoss API and it looks fairly straight forward to me - but I have no / limited experience with creating integrations. All I have done so far is built custom sensors and switches that call REST APIs of various devices for which I couldn’t find integrations. I could go down the same route for Danfoss - unless there are others out there who might also be interested and maybe have more experience than me and who would be willing to help me create a proper “Danfoss Ally Integration”.

Ping me if you are interested.

There is a integration in Hacs to danfoss zigbee gateway, my problem is that I don’t wanna use danfoss gateway, I can see the termostat in deconz

I cant find a integration in Hacs for danfoss zigbee gateway. Do you have a link or the correct name?

search for Danfoss Ally (not Danfoss zigbee)


I dit not have the repository, my bad.