Danfoss Ally lock temperature

Is it possible to lock the max temp so it only can turn up to 25c

this dont work

service: deconz.configure
  entity: climate.termostat_i_tv_stuen
  field: /config
    max_temp: 25

You could make an automation that triggers on the temperature being set higher than 25 then turn it down.
I assume this is because someone turns it up to high, my advice is then to delay before you turn it down.
Give it 10-20 seconds before you turn it down that way the person believes the value is set and walks away.

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ahh… perfect - that is a great solution. I thought it could be set on the thermostat.
Thanks !

Perhaps it can. But that means your family will know you have “done” something.
Now you can just be ignorant and “try to fix it”, then when you change the temperature it works (but automation kicks in after your family believes you have solved it)

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ha ha you got a point :slight_smile: