Danfoss Ally + remote sensor

Hello, I am absolute beginer and I am considering adding Danfoss Ally thermostats to a system with a MOES Zigbee 3.0 control unit. The TRVheads would control 4 and 3 underfloor heating circuits in two rooms, and since the manifold/collector cabinet is in another room, I am considering the Danfoss Ally - 14G2480 - Room Sensor - the circular one for each room. I assumed that if I set a remote/separate sensor to a given room, its temperature would be used to control that room regardless of the temperature on the TRVhead - i.e. that it would fully replace it. But in the document AU417130778872en-000102 I read in chapter 2.3 that only the difference between the sensor in the TRV head and the RoomSensor is calculated (even though the picture shows a room thermostat), the temperature in the TRV head is corrected by this value, BUT this temperature from the TRV head is used to control it. So my question is whether the temperature of the RoomSensor “fully replaces” the temperature from the TRV head or only corrects this temperature. Thank you for your help