Danfoss Ally - report external temperature in HomeKit and Lovelace

I have bought a few Danfoss Ally and external temperature sensors for each room. I have successfully setup node-red to update the external_measured_room_sensor on the Danfoss thermostats every 5 min and they have radiator_covered set to true

It seems like that the Danfoss correctly sets the valve according to the external temperature sensor and not the internal one. The internal sensor always reads about 2-5 degrees warmer than the external.

My problem is, that in Lovelace and in HomeKit the current temperature is from the internal sensor, not the external one.
Is there anyway, to make HomeKit and Lovelace use the external sensor as the current temperature?

In Lovelace you cannot change the sensor used for the Thermostat Card. But you could just use a different representation in your dashboard. For instance I just set up my dashboard with the Entities card and added all the entities that I want to show. It is German Language, but you should get the idea:

I am using a slider to set the desired temperature, which will be sent to the TRV and I am displaying the measured room temperature from the sensor and also the measured temperature from the TRV by also adding the thermostat entity.

Hi Duckton. could you share the code that controls your thermal head? I will also try it through node red. I set the temperature from the external sensor to be sent every 5 min to the management for the external sensor. the head is set to “radiator covered” true. but when I tried to manually send a couple of temperatures of 5-10 *, the head did not smoke. as if it were constantly following an internal sensor.
I actually wanted to test if the sensor cools down and if the head starts to heat up. but it didn’t happen.
I will be very grateful if you can advise me.

Hi Anton,

Would you share how your Node Red flow is made? I have problems for the Ally to accept: “external_measured_room_sensor”. What Service have you selected? Alternative please share flow for inspiration.