Danfoss LC13 (MT02650) temperature regulation

I have three Danfoss LC13 (MT02650) thermostats in my home assistant network. The device configuration includes a temperature control and a temperature sensor.

Currently, I am trying to automate and optimise the heating. The supply temperature (Vorlauftemperatur) for the heaters is probably about 40° - 60° C for the flat. For heating the target temperature is set to 28° C and the valve opens fully. When the external temperature sensor in the room reaches a trigger temperature the target temperature is set to 19° C and the value closes. At this point, the temperature sensor on the thermostat can measure something like 25° C depending on the cycle length.

Is there any better to automate this? Maybe, somebody does have experience with the thermostat?


Your setup should work, but it will use the batteries quite fast, because you open and close the valve fully all the time.
The best way would be small steps, to figure out the correct valve setting to keep the correct temperature without too many corrections.