Danfoss Living Eco - thermostat

Is anyone using this?

I almost got into these, but learned that they don’t report the temp back to HASS/ the zwave gateway. You can alter the temp set point remotely but that’s about it. I ended up choosing the Devolo version - it’s the same hardware with a modified firmware which does report the temp, at user-selectable intervals. This means I can incorporate it into HASS much more usefully.

I got the Living Connect ones (014G0013) and it’s like @danpow says.
However, these are not the ones from the video.
The one from the video seems to be only manually controlled/programmed, so there’s probably no integration into HA.


Thank you very much for your replies. I have ordered today the DEVOLO thermostat. Let’s see what we’ll get. I’m very curious. I will get back with feedback to you.

What can Devolo do ? Could you please post a screenshot of all available functions?

Haven’t got yet. It will be delivered next week. I will post the results when I get the package and do some tests.

Hey, Just like to say that I’m interested too.
I wanted the Danfoss ones but as you say they don’t give temperature feed-back
So I was looking for ones that do
Vesternet.com list 4 (I’m only looking at Z-Wave)
One of them looks like a brick as was instantly discounted
Two of them are Danfoss units, one modified by Popp to give feed back of temp - I think they can be set to give position or temp f/b. Position would be nice if all valves were closed you could shut off boiler (there should still be a bypass radiator (always partially open). But isn’t that what a boiler is supposed to do anyway ? shut off when return water is above a set value (i.e. only x degrees lost therefore heat not required ?) Temperature doesn’t do a lot for you except be able to manually review how the system is doing - but the OCD in me NEEEEEDs it !
The Eurotronic one looks out of the 1970’s and would be upside down for 1/2 my valves
I think though that the Fibaro (awaiting stock so not listed) ones are the best looking, give you local feed back when you put your hand near them - and they have an option for a remote temp sensor (£9 extra) put anywhere in the room - or you can pay £18 and add one later. Not sure I need the remote sensor and without it they are about the same cost as Danfoss/Popp/Devolo - oh and they have rechargeable batteries 1/year
There is another Valve listed in the forum running a kickstarter but they are not Z-Wave.
I’m looking at strategies for building a home heating system including default temperatures, schedules and occupancy but it’s just a vague idea at the moment, does anyone know any good links for an HA concept/methodology ?
You might want to look at :- Rather complex heating automation with global variables
I would also be looking to get an override-able Z-wave boiler switch (vesternet £48) to control on/off based on times/daysofweek/roomtemp (so maybe temp feed back would be good after all ; - )
Good Luck with your project, your feed back may affect how I do mine and others too !

This version is a Z-wave model, right?
So, do I need to connect to my Raspberry Pi a z-wave stick, correct? If yes, which do you recommend?
Thank you.

hiya @weblike
the Devolo is indeed a Z-Wave device; if you don’t already have a Z-wave gateway then you will need one.
As far as recommendations go, I can only tell you what I use! have a lot of Aeotec gear, including the old gen2 zwave stick and I get few (but certainly not zero…) issues.
there are quite a few posts on this forum regarding Zwave kit - have a look through and see if anything sounds good to you :slight_smile:

After reading some posts, I have decided to go with a Vera Plus hub as a z-wave controller. A USB stick was half of Vera so I think it’s worth pay 50% more and have a specialized hub for this devices. What do you think?

looks ok to me