Dark Sky alternative?

Hi Folks - With DarkSky slated to close down the API in the near future (March 2023, I think?), what would you consider the best alternative for basic “current weather” information? I mostly use it for a tile on my dashboards, not really in any automations, for example:

I’m in the US if that helps zero in on a choice. I don’t know if the OpenWeatherMap provides the same kind of info, so I thought I’d reach out here first.


Try PirateWeather - the dev designed it to be a drop-in replacement for Dark Sky.

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I got it working, thank you! I had to use the legacy branch, as I am still on the old z-wave integration (if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it :wink: )

great to hear!

I’m going to install Pirate Weather. I was trying to avoid it because it HACS, but many of the other weather integrations have annoying bugs. I listed some below but I think there are more.

  • met.no - doesn’t show todays forecast. Also if the servers are high load HASS is the first to get kicked off.
  • open-meteo - time offset problems so the data is always wrong.

I found myself here because with HA core 2023.3.0, the Dark Sky card broke completely and doesn’t show anything. I’ve been using Pirate Weather for at least a year… however, I discovered if I removed the deprecated Dark Sky integration from HACS, it takes my Pirate Weather entities with it! I was left with no weather entities at all.

My plan was to try out the Platinum Weather Card, so I’ve rolled back an update or two and I have my entities restored. I’ll try installing that and plugging the Pirate Weather entities into it… or I’ll just go back to the old Custom Animated Weather Card.

I guess if I want to use my Pirate Weather entities, I just have to ignore this HACS notification:

EDIT: It was not the removal of the archived Dark Sky integration that killed my Pirate Weather entities… it was the upgrade to 2023.3.0! Looks like I’ll need to find a new source for weather data, unless re-installing Pirate Weather through HACS restores those entities.

EDIT 2: yeah… after upgrading to 2023.3.0 and installing Pirate Weather, the Dark Sky entities don’t come back. My weather entities and dashboard are dead.

EDIT 3: Fixed. I never installed the Pirate Weather integration, because I didn’t have to. I was using the old DS integration and PW was feeding it sensor data. I’ve configured the PW integration, and now I’ve got a ton of entities to play with.

FYI, I have the Platinum card working with the NWS integration, but it takes a bunch of template sensors to get it to a useful state.

I got it working this afternoon–for some reason, I had to delete the Platinum Weather Card repository and reinstall it. Once I did, I put in mostly (if not all) native Pirate Weather sensors and it’s working well.

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I tried Pirate Weather as an alternative to Dark Sky, but I’m finding it to be significantly off in temperature (highs are low, and o/n lows are high - range is compressed).

What are the next best alternatives to Dark Sky and Pirate Weather, that people find satisfactory?