Dark Sky API language

Hi there,
I just try to understand why Hassio give me the error:

Dark Sky is work… but in english language.
Like in the documentation page in my code I add:

language: it

Also on the Dark Sky Api Page they accept language parm.
But when I want to validate I take error.

Thanks all

Just because the underlying API may support something, it doesn’t mean that the Home Assistant integration does. You can only use what the docs say you can use: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/weather.darksky/

In my previous post the link was broke.
Here is the link that I found and where the language parm exist.

Why there is 2 link for Dark Sky in Home assistance ?

Thanks again

No idea. In any case, it looks like you want the sensor and you tried to add the language to the weather variant.

Yes… do you know maybe a service tha give me the language parm also please ?
Thanks again