Dark Sky forecast

I’m getting different forecasts with Dark sky on HA versus the Dark Sky app. And I’m at the exact same location with the app as the coordinates of the my HA system. Anyone else noticing this discrepancy?

Mine seems to be in sync.

Strange, I’m using the HA long/lat settings and am getting different results. I even pasted the long/lat from HA into https://darksky.net/forecast/ and am getting different results. It’s off by a couple of degrees on the High/Low predictions.

I just double checked and for my exact lat/long in both I’m in sync on my phone (android app) and in HA.

Same issue with forecast. Now is 17 degrees and DarkSky shows 24 degrees. It starts about month ago.

The issue I’m seeing is slightly different, my ‘forecast_1’ which should be showing Monday is still showing today? Yesterday when this happened I rebooted and that resolved the issue but I’m sure I shouldn’t have to do this?