Dark_sky issues? sensors unknown or not created


Using the dark_sky sensors, Im seeing unknown for these monitored conditions:


and moon_phase isn’t even listed.

sunset_time give a config error, not being allowed conditions…

Are these conditions bugged, or need I set a dedicated setting somewhere (not documented then?)

according to the API, these values would be available in either daily or currently mode, so I tried:

  - platform: darksky
    api_key: !secret darksky_key
    language: nl
    mode: daily
      - moon_phase
      - sunrise_time
      - sunset_time
      - wind_gust_time

although an option mode isn’t documented in the HA documentation. It doesn’t error out on the mode, but keeps erroring on the conditions that aren’t allowed…

Now how can we get these conditions in our HA system
thanks for having a look.