Dark Sky what station is used


I am using the Dark Sky widget. It looks nice and the integration was very easy. But the temperature seams to be always a little higher than other weather services.

So my simple question: how can I find out which station is used?

Thanks for help



Looking here


I see nothing in their API that lets us access that information. Perhaps file a feature request with Dark Sky?

I had the same question for a commercial application use of Darksky for their time machine API - all they provide is the sources. To understand a particular reading it was necessary to then use sources web applications to identify the local stations (e.g. https://gis.ncdc.noaa.gov/maps/ncei/summaries/daily) to get some idea of where readings came from, manual effort involved there.

What we found was a provider like Weather Underground used a single station while Darksky used multiple and calculated a temperature from them. In the case of our office showing higher temperatures in Darksky it came down to WU using a station on the coast and Darksky used ones from the inland as well as the coast. There was a 5F swing comparing stations.