Dark theme / dashboard for visually impaired?

I have read a lot of info about themes and dashboards and it seams so easy to change but i don’t manage to do it. I am visually impaired and the standard light webpage for HA is very hard to read for me. Light blue text on white? Who can read that?
In the configuration file i have make an !include themes.yaml to a file i found on github with a few themes in it. The instructions tell me to just reboot after that and there should be a choice in configuration general, but there is not. Have i missed something? I have also start to make a dachboard in the appdaemon. So far it looks good but i would like to add functions like when i click on a sensor i what to get history on temp like in the frontend on Ha, but i cant find info about how to. Or, there is so much info that dont work that i have stopp looking :smiley:
I am on the newest version and i run it on my RPI3.
Pls can someone assist me so i can read my HA easy and start to use it?
kind regards
Stefan / SM7TIX

Since the new Authentication is implemented, you can find the theme setting in your user profile when clicking the badge near “Home Assistant” on topleft.

Hmm, then there is a version i don’t have. I have no badge on my page. What can i do about it?

You have to enable authentication.

Ok. Witch provider shall i choose so i dont lock my self out?

I hva got that working now and found a dark theme. Lets see if i manage from now on.

If you already have a api_password set under http, you can take the legacy_api_password.
If not, take the homeassistant.

Restart HA and clean your browser cache after setting the auth provider.

I have set all of the three options to play with it and never had problems.
I’m on 0.77.0b2, but tested it on my hass.io test ha in 0.76.0 too.

If you have any problems, backup the .storage folder in your config directory, delete it and you can start again.

Don’t know why there’s a panic message in the docs.

This page only apply to release 0.77 and above.

This is an advanced feature. If misconfigured, you will not be able to access Home Assistant anymore!