DarkSky configuration

i just found out about HomeAssistant yesterday and tried it myself.
Now i tried to set up DarkSky to monitoring the weather in my location.
I got a little bit confused by documentation as i saw this:

 minutely_summary: A human-readable text summary for the next hour.
 hourly_summary: A human-readable text summary for the next 24 hours.
 daily_summary: A human-readable text summary for the next 7 days.

maybe someone can say wheter this is right or just a small mistake.

PS. sorry for my bad english

You can go to darksky’s website and look at the API if you want. It’ll clear things up fairly quickly.

Anyways, it has been a while since I looked at the API, but if I remember correctly each summary is the interval listed for the given timeframe. So, the minutely_summary contains minute by minute summaries for the next hour. The same is true of the other two (only hours and days).

Also if I remember correctly those fields aren’t particularly useful since you can’t really get anything out of them. The daily_summary can possibly be useful combined with the “forecast” field in the component since that may allow you to grab the daily_summary from any day in the next week. I can’t remember how I implemented it though.