DarkSky Sensor Integration

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Hi I am struggling with my DarkSky sensor integration. I can get the weather integration working fine so there is nothing wrong with the connection to the API. One created, it is not coming in in entities.

My Darksky sensor integration is as follows: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Gq8xTYSppZ/

The entity is weather.dark_sky. Have you looked for it in the “States” tab of the developer tools?

Also, just noticed… did you add it to the weather config? https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/weather.darksky/

  - platform: darksky
    api_key: YOUR_API_KEY

I have the weather components appropriately configured in my configuration.yaml file as it is active. What I am struggling with is the sensor component.

You might need to put quotes around the scan_interval value. Or better yet:

  minutes: 5

No errors???

Hi Phil,

This is the current state of my sensor implementation.


And…??? It works? Any errors?

No only the weather.dark_sky entity appears that I previously configured. None of the sensors that would be as a result of this config appear.

So since you haven’t said anything about errors I’m guessing you aren’t getting any.

What about /config/sensor.yaml? Have you included that in configuration.yaml? Where do you define weather.dark_sky?

The following is in my /config/configuration.yaml

And my sensor is in /config/sensor.yaml

Do you only include sensor once in any yaml file and just list all the platforms and sensor under that one entry? I do have some errors that refer to duplicate keys eg. sensor in two lines.

So you have an include statement to include sensor.yaml? You should not have any other sensor: sections in config.

sensor: !include sensor.yaml

Also you need to remove sensor: from the yaml file and move everything left.

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See Splitting up the configuration.

Thanks you all solved. Live and learn :slight_smile: