Dash.By Vehicle diagnostic and tracking

ODB II Sensor, similar to Automatic


This would be neat. I use it through IFTTT and connect that to home assistant. But its obviously not native.

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would be nice. Bump

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This would be fantastic, just picked up a OBDII sensor and would love to pull information from dash

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This is interesting. With this it may be possible to have dash notify HA on certain events. However, looks like it uses their format, so depends if it can be adjusted for HA’s REST. If not, it would need a service in the middle to translate it.


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Looks interesting… You could probably make that work by registering a webhook using a script or other service API URL in the payload.

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Yes. It has a few steps though, so would at least require some python to get it going and the developer questions appear to be quite comprehensive sounding like they may manually accept submissions. Although I may be assuming too much there.

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With their new version (3.07) the app is REALLY starting to get relevant.

  • ignition_on & ignition_off events would be perfect as cal locator device tracker
  • check_engine_light_alert & low_fuel_alert would be amazing sensors to add valuable information

If I could just figure out how to process incoming alerts using one of the existing component or a good tutorial I’d certainly give it a go myself… but I would also love assisting anyone who might take this on.

I would love the dash integration as well. I have ODB2 readers in both our vehicles.

Dash is a very cheap way to make your car connected. would love an integration to hass!

any one is working on this?

I’ve found the dash app to. Be very reliable on iOS. It would be a great way to trace the vehicles n HA. Anyone have time or knowledge to work on this.