Dashboard background as a photo frame - how can I randomize photos from NAS?

The new dashboard background feature is pretty neat, however, I’m not seeing how I might get a auto-updating slideshow of images from my NAS, let alone doing something advanced by making choices that match the orientation/background ratio of the displaying device.
It’d be great if there were a way to access network files and perhaps randomize selection given a folder/subfolder selection.
Alternatively, (and I didn’t have luck in search), if anyone has set this up themselves, I’d love to learn how you did it!

I actually do this with WallPanel. I have the URL set to a Usplash random image. I alsohave a card that refreshes the dashboard every 47 minutes. So every 47 minutes I get a new, random image.

That’s interesting to know that at least parts of what I’m looking for are possible, but in my case I’m specifically looking to have random images pulled from a SMB share.