Dashboard Card for Task and 'business logs'

Hi Community

How do I display ‘my Todo Actions’ in LoveLace ?

I have a display/tablet in the kitchen that shows the ‘kitchen view’ in Lovelace. Here I would like to have a ‘card’ that somehow could show the ‘tasks’ that needs to be done the next couple of days.

Tasks like:

-Which trash can to put out to curb (we have 6 different trash cans, being emptied with different schedules).

-ei when the mouse trap is sprung, and needs to be emptied.

-Different ‘business alerts’ (not technical logs), that I would like to be informed about (and not a bunch of emails or like…).


How to present this ? How to handle this ? A calendar behind, and and place to hold ‘business logs’ until handled…

Do we have a suggestion for a solution ?



The Grocy addon has a task list.

Not really - As I see Grocy - then you have to manually add your ‘items’.

But I would like it to automatically/programmatically to show in the ‘task list’.

Like I have an Epson printer, which is connected to HASS, so I can display the ink level - but I don’t want to ‘daily’ follow the ink level, or to have a ‘small’ screen where i must ‘waist’ real estate for these gauges…
Rather have some thresholds - like when the ink is at 25%, then it shows up in my ‘business dashboard’ as an action ‘Black ink is at 25%, time to order new.’, and then I can remove it when done…

Same with trash and so on…



Have you looked into the conditional card?

Or you could use a markdown card and build a list of things. Something like this:

type: markdown
content: >-
  {% if sensor.printer_ink_level < 0.25 %}* Get new printer ink{% endif %}
  {% if sensor.some_other_thing < 0.5 %} * Do this thing too {% endif %}