Dashboard Creation

So going to be wokring on creating a custom dahsboard, but wanted to see if my idea is even possible.

So here is an example of the dashboard im trying to create. The left portion that is dark will always be on every screen, or maybe if the white page is the only one that can jump through different sections.

Secondly, as you see on the main page i want to have the center area with the different rooms which i can scroll through, without having to navigate to a different dashboard page. Is this possible?

The widgets on the bottom dont matter, as im not sure i will utilize it. As far as the right panel named widgets i was just going to integrate spotify plater, possibly a todo list as shown, and a wifi qr access code for guests…

Still want to do the same navitgation on top for having a dedicated page for the cameras, locks, doors etc (security), and devices which will just show all the devices on the network. Statistic page would be more so a diagnostics panel to show battery levels on sensors, cpu load on the rasberypi, etc.

So in a nut shell, is such a nested setup possible?


If you can create this i’m in. De leftbar you can use the custom side-bar. I think everything is possible with the layout-card.