Dashboard for Victron Energy System


I have a victron energy system in my RV communicating with HA using MQTT bridge. I am trying to replicate some of the look and feel of victrons own VRM portal dashboard. You might ask “Why would I want to do this if VRM is free?” Well we often camp with slow or no Internet and there is no self hosted version of vrm. I like having the dashboard be populated with data gathered over lan with no need for WAN connection. There is also almost no delay wjen looking at it locally.

The ask:
I am not very good with dashboards and knowing what custom cards to use. I need a way to display multiple stats on top of a mini-graph card and being able to control the text size so it all looks good on our phones. I would like people to provide feedback on ways to condense what I already have and offer any suggestions. The idea is to have all the info on one screen with no need to scroll to see everything.

What I have:
I like what I have so far, but I would like to be able to make the additional details like shore voltage and frequency appear on the mini-graph cards. Similar to what I have highlighted below on victrons interface.

Victron VRM dashboard to replicate:
The parts in green are specifically what I am hoping to add to my Lovelace graphs.

Greatly appreciate any input or suggestions. I can also share the yaml for what I have so far if anyone is interested. Thanks!

Any suggestions on how to achieve this visually?