Dashboard graph - how to show one line instead of default of multiple lines

I’m fairly new to HA, liking what I see so far, but there’s a bit of a learning curve!

I have the following code, which produces the graph below it on a dashboard. This graphs temperatures in multiple rooms in my house which my Airtouch4 HVAC system collects and HA stores. This graph has multiple lines - current temp, target temp, and whether the heating was on or off. I would like to have just a single line showing the current temperature. How would I achieve that?

I have added the developer tool screenshot for the entity below. The integration I’m using is this custom integration for Airtouch4.

My first thought was I would want my entity to change from “climate.living” to “climate.living.current_temperature” but that didn’t work for me.

  - theme: Backend-selected
    title: Per Room 24h
    path: per-room-24h
    type: sidebar
    badges: []
      - type: history-graph
          - entity: climate.living
        title: Lounge
        hours_to_show: 72
        refresh_interval: 15

Option 1: create a template sensor that extracts the attribute you need and report on that one
Option 2: Use another graph tool like plotly or apexcharts…these allow to point directly at attributes

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Thank you @vingerha that was very useful. I’ve finally gotten it working (HA newbie here with HA Core).

As a beginner I found installation somewhat tricky. I wrote a blog post to make it easier for others to install ApexCharts on Home Assistant Core here