Dashboard Interval

I have this nice timeline for troubleshooting, but it only lets me statically have hours_to_show: 2 or whatever integer (so I have to manually change it to zoom in and out)… I can’t do something like hours_to_show: variableX – I have an input_number defined in my config yaml, but it seems convoluted to simply stick a variable in the dashboard. Ideas ?

  - title: 12 minutes
    path: 24-hour
    type: panel
    badges: []
      - type: vertical-stack
          - type: history-graph
              - entity: binary_sensor.google_ping_sensor
              - entity: sensor.sm_s908u_geocoded_location
              - entity: alarm_control_panel.embert_alarm
              - entity: binary_sensor.garage_door
              - entity: binary_sensor.side_door
              - entity: binary_sensor.front_door
              - entity: binary_sensor.front_door_2
              - entity: binary_sensor.white_steplight_motion
              - entity: light.garage_light
              - entity: binary_sensor.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
              - entity: scene.everything_on
              - entity: scene.everything_off_except_away_lights
              - entity: scene.everything_off_2
            title: Security
            hours_to_show: '{{ states(''input_number.dashboard_interval'') | int }}'
            aspect_ratio: 5/2
title: 12 Minutes