Dashboard Loads Empty Until Raw Configuration Editor Entered

Hi All,

I’m facing a problem that is basically making HA unusable for me. So far, no one has been able to answer on discord so coming here.

Problem: My dashboard won’t load at all unless I go into “raw configuration editor” and then exit (no changes necessary, no saving). Once I do this, my dash loads fine, until I leave it and go back, at which point it fails again.

What I’ve Tried: I’ve gutted my dashboard down to almost nothing trying to diagnose and yet it persists. The entire configuration is being made in raw configuration editor. I’ve removed everything other than a single slider and yet, it continues.

My Code Now:

  - theme: noctis
    icon: ''
    path: default_view
    title: HOME
      - user: 12345678901234567000
    type: sidebar
    badges: []
      - type: custom:slider-button-card
        entity: light.white_living_room
          direction: left-right
          background: gradient
          use_state_color: true
          use_percentage_bg_opacity: true
          show_track: false
          toggle_on_click: false
          force_square: false
        show_name: true
        show_state: false
        compact: true
          show: true
          use_state_color: false
          icon: mdi:fridge
            action: navigate
            navigation_path: /lovelace/cuisine
            mode: custom
            icon: mdi:chevron-right
            show_spinner: false
              action: navigate
              navigation_path: /lovelace/cuisine

Video Demonstrating Issue: XRecorder_17062024_125943.mp4 - Google Drive