Dashboard name changed

Hi, as being a HA newbie a question on dashboard names.
I created a new dashboard and named it ‘Dashboard-Ingrid’.
After a while i changed this name with the pencil (in the UI) to ‘dashboard User’
This name is now shown on the left menu.
But if create new pages within this dashboard to navigate i still need to choose the old dashboard name to navigate to. (/dashboard-ingrid/woonkamer)
So it seems that the new name did not overwrite the old somewhere.
Can i change this? Not that it is not working now but to keep things clear.
Thanks for helping me out.

Changing the name does not change the internal id. If you really want to change that you have to delete that dashboard and recreate it.

You can use the raw configuration editor to copy the contents from the old one to the new.

You can change the internal id without deleting and copying over everything:
Just click on your dashboard view, click the pencil icon next to it, and change the “url” field.