Dashboard Security-Cam-View keeps reloading and is not starting

Hi people,

for some weeks, I have an error with the Homeassistant Dashboard “MoreInformation”-View.

I use my old Android-Tablet with the Fully Kiosk Mode App.

That all works great. But when I try to load an RSTP-Stream by clicking on the Dashboard-Card, the first image shows up but the Video-Box keeps reloading / loading.
The max-length of the video keeps getting longer, but the current-video-position keeps being stuck at 0.

I tried to get more information by connection to the tablet via USB and try to read the Console output and the Connections via the Chrome Inspector DevTool.

But the Console keeps empty. Some request are being cancelled, but I can’t figure out why and how they are cancelled.
The cancelled request are relevant requests, so I think the cancelation is the problem. But I can’t figure out why they are being cancelled.

I also tried to do the same in Chrome on the device, but it’s the same problem.

In my PCs browser, there is no problem at all.
So it might a Version Problem?