Dashboard stops updating?

I’ve just started running HA on a tablet, with one dashboard normally displayed. Whilst I’m watching it it updates as it should …

… but sometimes when I come back to it a few hours later I find that the dashboard is still there but is wildly out of date. Tapping on things to switch dashboards produces up to date information.

This may, or may not, coincide with the regular duckdns dropouts. One thing I’m guessing is that if an update fails due to cheap dynamic DNS, well, sometimes giving you what you pay for, then the front end doesn’t keep trying? If that’s the reason, what can be done about it?

Click on your avatar on the lower left and see if you have Automatically close connection enabled, that’s likely your issue:


Interesting, I hadn’t found that setting, I’ll give it a try - ta.

However … nothing has been “hidden for 5 minutes”, the dashboard is continuously on screen … so I’m not holding my breath.