Dashboard stuck after some time idle

Hi there,

I’m using HA for at least 3 years with no problems.
Now, and i can’t exactly say since when, i’m having problems in my main dashboard. After loading, if i let it stay for 1 minute or so, the UI gets stuck. Sometime works to make a page refresh, sometimes no (i believe when i let go more time).
I tried looking at developer tools (Network, Console, etc) and what I see is that the browser connects to the server (so passes the DNS, etc) and then waits.

On the Console I have some errors of Mushroom cards and Apexcharts, but don’t relate them to this issue.

Some screenshots of Developer Tools.

Of course i can probably test to take out some custom integrations like card-mod, mushroom cards, etc, but i don’t use any “strange” or less used custom integration.

If anyone have any suggestion would be great.


At this point i found out that if I take out card-mod, it fixes the situation.
The problem is finding out what part of car-mod in the large dashboard file is making the problem :frowning:

(unrelated to the main issue)
Should not be large. Small files → easier to maintain → easier to debug.