Dashboard Top Menu Line

On one of my dashboards I use the top menu bar as showing on link per room. Problem is that it does not show more than 5 rooms, except when I am in edit mode. Then it shows all the 7 rooms correctly. Any ideas why, and how to fix it?

Not sure if this it a good and intenbded way of using dashboards but so far it seem to work fine and organixing the houze and all the devices pretty nice - except - not all rooms are showing in the top menu bar.

Anyone with a clue?


Not sure if the screenshots will show but originaly it shows the menu difference in view and edit mode

Strange. And the views that are not shown are not defined as sub-views?

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Nope - no Sub-Views here.

Could you select the “BAD” view in Edit mode and tap on a “brush” button?
I am interested to see “Edit view” window.
Did you specify any “visible for users” options?

I didnot select any users, but it says available to admins and that is only me. Edit mode is one of the screenshots in the first post.

I think I maybe found the solution or rather a workaround know - Im simply making a new Dashboard and it sems to work as expected. Not to much work to move/setup the Views again so i will go for that and just delete the view not working as it shouls.

Thansk for your reply.

No, this is not what I asked.
Anyway, good that you sorted it out)

Thanks, an sorry for failing to understand your Q.*
Lets just move on - it is all sorted now and I am slowly starting to get a better feel for the Home Assistant (been on Homey Pro for a few years)

Kind of harder to get the grips of it, but I feel that when Im now starting to catch the logic and structure a little better, the HA gives me far better control and opportunities overall.


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