Dashboard UI Automation On/Off and Light Control all in one

I’m looking to simplify my dashboard ui. I have a few panels around the house and they are working well. What is clumsy though is how I have implemented my lighting.

I have automations for all lights and there are no problems there. Sometimes though there is a need to take control and disable the automation. Here is how I currently have it in my ui…

One button for the enabling / disabling the automation (below) and the actual lighting controls (above)

In the example the Table lights automation is turned off and the user has control. In other areas the user can change the lighting control but the next time the automation runs, for example motion, it will put back the lights to what the automation has. This overrides the user selection for the lights, hence being able to turn the automations off with the buttons below.

This all works fine but my ui is cluttered. Is there a way to have all the lighting control and the automation control in one card / ui element? An additional button somewhere in the lighting card? Somehow?


I like the built in / native light card since the three dots gives easily me access to the various scenes and themes available on the lights.

Something like this would work for me…

Somehow behind the scenes designate which automation goes to this light / light group. For me it is


Tapping the robot icon turns on / off the designated automation.