Dashboard wide 100% ... how?


I try to use 2 rows for 100% wide … but dont know how, can someone give me a hint ?

you can install Layout card then edit your dashboard page and change the size of each column.
with something like this

width: 500
max_cols: 2
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Thanks for answer…will try this

I try since 2 hours, the “wide” has no effect, I try also width: 500 , width: 800 , width: 1500 … left + right Space as before :frowning:

not for :

masonry(Layout card)
horizontal(Layout card)
vertical(Layout card)
grid (Layout card)

yaml :

title: test
path: test
type: custom:masonry-layout
width: 500 
max_cols: 2
  - type: entities
      - entity: binary_sensor._battery_charge
        name: Battery Charge
    title: Test0
  - square: false
    type: grid
    columns: 1
      - show_state: true
        show_name: true
  - type: entities
      - entity: sensor.batterie
      - entity: button
        name: Lüftung
        secondary_info: last-changed
    title: test1

anyone can help ?

you need to indent width and max cols like this

layout_type: custom:masonry-layout
      width: 400
      max_cols: 2

that’s if you have layout card installed