Dashboard with photo slideshow


We have a 40" screen in the kitchen to show calendar and whether.

I would like a photo slideshow on my dashboard, but I can only find picture card where the pictures are hardcoded.
Anybody found one that can show photos from a local folder or Google or anything and show them as slideshow.

We have 3 teenagers in the house there for the large calendar to show activities and what for dinner :slight_smile:

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Hello, There are several ways to do this in lovelace :stuck_out_tongue:
You could use this for example: https://github.com/TarheelGrad1998/gallery-card

Or you can use the swipe card togheter with the picture card and put the swipe card to autoplay.

Or you can use the custom button card and make it change background image with javascript every minute or so.

Hey Daniel, could you point me (us) to how you can autoplay a swipe card?
Use a bunch of swipe cards and that would be usefull :innocent:

This is what i ended up with, using the gallery-card and the media folder.
I have Google drev on my Nas that sync pictures to media folder in HA.
The familie can then upload pictures to Google drive and it will show in HA.

          - type: custom:gallery-card
            menu_alignment: Hidden
              - path: media-source://media_source
                recursive: true
                slideshow_timer: '10'
                parsed_date_sort: false
            slideshow_timer: '30'
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We have a TV set in our kitchen, where a special program is installed to see the time, the weather, and beautiful photos in the background. I think this can be done by syncing your TV view with your Microsoft account. But I still prefer to print the necessary lists or schedules in Canvas Prints Online. I have three children, and each has extracurricular activities and sports sections, so I created a large schedule and hung it on the wall. It’s strange, but the children began to independently check their daily schedule and stopped being late for training. We don’t need a calendar because each of us has a phone.