Dashboard without menu?

Hello everyone,
Is there a way to make a dashboard (lovelace) without the menu (or part of the menu)?
I would like that people who have access to the dashboard (lovelace) do not have access to configuration pages and the like?
Thank you in advance for your answers.

Hi there, this should work for you.


anybody knows why “kiosk-mode” was archived ? seems will not be supported in the future.


Following…Had the same question!

I did not catch why it was archived and they release notes, but came here to find the same answer…

Dev doesn’t have enough time to maintain anymore - was mentioned by them in one of the threads.

If anyone knows of another solution also looking for something to replace it

I love Homeassistant and all Devs are great for doing this… but…
We have tons of sensors and so on now in HA.
i think now its time for other usefull features like the archived kiosk-mode.
i would install a tablet in my garage for the wallbox, but i wont that anybody who is in my garage can use the sidebar or the search to find all my sensors.

Please Devs let us have to hide the sidebar and/or header and/or search or something

Thanks a lot