Dashboards with iframe integrated not updating button status


I have my hadash setup with main page containing switches and my camera entities, status of switches update on the main page when status changes from another device or physical wall switch.
All my pages include a footer, so i can navigate easier throughout the pages.

I then have another page with an iframe running plex media player web page. this also has my light switch entities on etc, when the status is changed from another device the switches status does not update.

I then have another page with an iframe that runs a h264 plugin for the baby monitor, again this has the same as my plex page and does not update the status of switches etc.

All this is running on chrome from my NUC to a touchscreen monitor. using HASSIO and appdaemon addon.

as any one experienced similar issues?


do you have the switches inside the iframe?
then you probably have cache problems.
browsers tend to cache iframes
for screens i use for dashboards i do disable cache completely to avoid this trouble.


No the switches are the independent widgets underneath the iframe

I uninstalled chrome yesterday and ran ccleaner, still the same. What’s weird as well is on one dash the footer doesn’t display anything in two of the navigate buttons and when you click them nothing happens. Yet the footer loads ok on every other dash. Again I thought running the cclean etc would have cured this.

I’ll try and get some screenshots over or a YouTube video link.

Cheers for your reply.


Screenshots attached and marked up. mainpage with loft light on and footer.yaml loading fully.
baby monitor page with loft light still on (not illuminating), footer.yaml not complete button icon/description not loaded.

It does seem like a cache problem, but happens in all browsers. however i only use chrome on my main touch wall monitor, so i can cast to rooms via my iframe for plex (not shown)


this usually happens when you have the same widget names inside the footer and the page you display the footer in.

you can find errors in your dashboard log (if you would have set them) and also in the console from chrome.

forgot to add the footer icons only dont load correctly on the baby monitor dash, any other dash i select loads the complete footer. However the status of switches doesnt update across all dashes.

Is logging enabled via default in hassio/appdaemon and where do i find it. (sorry noob question, never needed it before)


no logging in hassio goes default to STDOUT and STDERR
in appdaemon.yaml you can set your own logfiles that you can look back into (which is always best)

in appdaemon.yaml in the section log

  accessfile: /path/to/access.log
  errorfile: /path/to/error.log
  logfile: /path/to/appdaemon.log
  log_generations: 3
  log_size: 1000000

accesslog shows what is happening with the dashboard.

in chome you can access the console by pushing CTRL SHIFT I

probably you have a double name in baby monitor and footer.
navigate widgets never have a status by the way.

and if all dashes dont update you probably have errors in your normal log showing you that you dont have a connection to HA.