Dashcam video sync when parked at home?

I’d love to figure out a solution to grab recordings from a dashcam when my vehicle is parked at home. I recognize this would be partly dependent on the dashcam/vehicle hardware itself (must be wifi capable, basically), but I’m coming at the problem from all angles so asking here in HA is useful in case someone has found a solution that works with a specific flavor of hardware. Goal would be to get video/pics/data sync’d to a reliable home storage system.

I recently got sideswiped in a parking lot but didn’t discover it until like 36 hours later because it was on my passenger side. My dashcam had a physical (accelerometer) trigger event but the video had been overwritten by the time I noticed, so I have no visuals of the incident. This got me thinking, “a larger and offboard storage system could trivially solve this by maintaining 180 days of tail videos” (or whatever).