Dashcam video sync when parked at home?

I’d love to figure out a solution to grab recordings from a dashcam when my vehicle is parked at home. I recognize this would be partly dependent on the dashcam/vehicle hardware itself (must be wifi capable, basically), but I’m coming at the problem from all angles so asking here in HA is useful in case someone has found a solution that works with a specific flavor of hardware. Goal would be to get video/pics/data sync’d to a reliable home storage system.

I recently got sideswiped in a parking lot but didn’t discover it until like 36 hours later because it was on my passenger side. My dashcam had a physical (accelerometer) trigger event but the video had been overwritten by the time I noticed, so I have no visuals of the incident. This got me thinking, “a larger and offboard storage system could trivially solve this by maintaining 180 days of tail videos” (or whatever).


Did you get anywhere with this?


Essentially no, but it’s because I haven’t gotten around to it. I recently noticed that there’s an HA add-on for Torque and I have the necessary ODBII hardware and spare Android devices sitting around such that I was going to play with that to do a basic, “get my dumb-ish car to report stuff when it ‘docks’ at home, per GPS”

Maybe it’s why you poked, but also: there’s some press from yesterday about Google trying to position some native dashcam functionality into Android. Google will soon let Pixel phones double as dashcams