Data logging zero to Hero with CircuitPython and MQTT

Hi all
I have written a Hackster article on data logging with CircuitPython and MQTT. If you are not familiar with CircuitPython, these are boards from Adafruit with run a flavour of python, and are very easy to develop with. The board mounts as a hard drive on your computer, and files can be edited with any text editor or regular IDE (no proprietary IDE). Additionally you can access the REPL for debugging, and all in all it is a very fresh and fast experience developing with these boards, compared to the usual process of write C, compile, upload, debug… I am reading from a temperature sensor and logging to Home Assistant via MQTT, but the Adafruit docs are very comprehensive and provide articles covering a wide range of sensors, so there is no shortage of ideas and articles supporting this ecosystem.
Any feedback on the article let me know.