Data Lost after Backup Restore to new System


i recently replaced my network (router), and also thought to use the opportunity to upgrade my home assistant from a raspberry to a better host.

I created and downloaded a (full) backup from the old system via UI, and when installing the new uploaded the backup there. Everything seems to work fine, but any historical data is gone. No previous statistics on any devices or, most important to me, in the energy dashboard.

Is there any way to restore this? I don’t mind loosing a few days worth of data re-doing the backup/restore process differently. the old system is still in a working condition. However i’m unsure what i could have done wrong – the process seems pretty idiot safe :wink:

Should i try a earlier backup? I had daily automatic backups set up as well.

Thanks a lot


Just in case: When doing the router switch the IPs of a lot (all?) of the devices in the system changed, however in the new system they seem to be all with the same identifier. E.g. my Shelly 3EM is still sensor.l1_energy, etc…

same here, statistics data seems not included in the backup.

I had the same experience. After full system restore all history data was gone even with the latest HA verison.
Any plans to fix that?

Thank you

Edit: I restored to the same system, no change was done for the retore.
Edit2 : seems to impact only HACS Bosch Thermostat integration.