Data of solar panel daily yield is off on dashboard not on individual card


In my energy panel, i have defined my solar panels:

On the graph that shows the energy in and out flow, the value of the daily yield is wrong:


As you can see, it says the value is 3.4 kwh.
However, when i add the sensor individually as a card, it shows up correctly:


I’ve tried creating my own energy dashboard but that didn’t change anything.
I’ve tried disable and enabling the sensor, also didn’t help.
In the statistics i’ve changed the value but also that didn’t help:


I see the same (wrong) data on different devices, so i don’t think it’s cache.

Anything else i can try?

Any help is appreciated!


The energy distribution graph can be up to an hour behind (the energy statistics only update hourly). Have a look at it at about quarter past the hour and also at night after the full day’s production.

Thank you, indeed now it displays correctly. Very weird it was the first time it was out of sync. Thanks again