Database Files to usb hassio

Is it already possible to move the database to usb in hassio?
I got it working at hassbian but switched and cant get it to work now.
I want to give sd card a longer life!

Are you using Hassio or Hassbian? They are 2 different ways of installing HA.
You do not say, but I am inferring you are running (something) on a Raspberry Pi.
I just recently move my manyal HA installation (similar to HAssbian) to a spare laptop USB hard drive I had instead of the SD card.

They did :wink: They said they’re running

Yes its hassio on raspberry pi.
So you run on harddisk with raspberry. Do you use hassio?
Cant find how to do that, sounds good

I am using HASS in a venv but Hassio would work too, installed on Raspbian Lite.

I bought a USB case off Amazon for my old laptop SSD. I used Etcher to flash Raspbian Lite to the SSD. It complained about a 120 GB SD Card but it worked.

I then followed the instructions to set USB boot mode. I removed the CD Card and booted off the SSD. For Hassio, you can follow their Linux instructions to install. The actual install command needs to be a little different, though

curl -sL | bash -s -- -m raspberrypi3

Thanks for this. But i only want to put database on usb, not whole setup.

I am looking into doing the same thing. I’ll let you know if I have any luck. I feel like I have read a how-to somewhere but I am having no luck finding it.

I hope you find something!
I am worried about the life of the sd card.

This one?

I’m heaving trouble following this instructions, The sudo command not found ?
Thank you