Database Management Tool for recorder/history/logbook

The Community did a great job of figuring out how to manually include / exclude what type of data to keep, but manually copy / pasting every entry into the configuration.yaml still is a huge pain in the ass.

Why not make a user-friendly “Database Management GUI” with a list of every entity with a checkbox option for recorder / history / logbook, so i can go through the list and easily check / uncheck every entitiy. Maybe even add options to include / exclude domains, etc.

Basically the same you do in configuration.yaml, but with an easy to use graphical user interface, directly integrated into Home Assistant. No more manually copying a list into spreadsheets, laboriously assign every entitiy and then manually copy / pasting that into a configuration file.

I kind of cant imagine no ones ever thought of that, but i didnt find anything in the search.

I suggested something like this a few years ago: Make Recorder Logbook and History Includes avaialable for editing on the entities page

The history part is no longer relevant.

too bad it didnt get implemented back then. voted your thread anyway.

Is there a way to push that idea again, so it might get implemented in some future?