Make Recorder Logbook and History Includes avaialable for editing on the entities page

Like this:

Great idea! :+1:

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Finally, please implement it

The biggest issue I see is making it backwards compatible with yaml defined rules (of which I am usually a vocal supporter). I’m guessing this would be next to impossible.

Wonderfull idea. It is so logical to me that I was looking to find these settings. I thought I was not smart enough to find them.

I’d love see this implemented!!

Great idea, these options could also appear on the entities pop-up like the Area does now.


I think there should be a migration. After the migration process, yaml config will be disabled

dev team please make it happen…

How would you handle domains, globs and excludes?
Sacrificing functionality for convenience is not the ways to go.


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Thanks for bumping this thread, I apparently missed it first time around. It’s got my vote!

I have a related (and possibly conflicting) FR to allow individual keep_days for each entity. I’ve also seen comments about the horrible database design HA uses, which as a former DBA I can confirm.

Maybe we need a “month of database” where fixes, updates and improvements for the database are discussed and a direction agreed upon. It seems this area gets very little development attention.

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domains could be exposed in the UI, excludes don’t need anything because entities would be unchecked by default.
I don’t know how it could be considered sacrificing functionality, it’s the same, just more convenient.

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Yes, if the default is to have entities unchecked, that would solve a lot of problems.

There could be a prompt or option when the entity is created, just as today we’re prompted to add entities to areas.

I had another thought, sort of a combination of this FR and the one I submitted (see above.) What if, instead of check boxes, the display in the OP allowed entry of keep_days for each entity?

Not everything needs to be retained for the same length of time. I may not care how often my living room light was turned on last week, but I do want to keep my heating system run time statistics for months.

I think allowing for a retention setting is a great idea as well.

Would love this as well to better track unwanted database usage. I had an uptime counter being recorded each second up to the millions. No real use case there. Was looking for a quick way to set this for all entities, but requires a lot of exclude/include work.

Still I think it would be possible to set it up in a similar way then e.g. Apple Homekit. If I recall correctly you can set first include/exclude based on categories (or domains), and in the next step click to exclude/include resp. Would be a nice interface to do it.

That could be handled quite nicely, if it’s declared or covered by a glob in yaml then just disable the toggle in the entity settings

I like to have this option as well.

I noticed i had many “unwanted” logging ( few examples below ).

- sensor.processor_use
- sensor.date_time
- sensor.time
- sensor.time_date

I run home assistant on a RPI 3 connected to a database on my NAS. My nas had a lot of database activities all the time because of the above default enabled loggings. Excluding these entities using yaml is not a big issue and the DB activity dropped a lot but it would be really nice if i can just toggle it from the gui for each entity.

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Bumping for attention - this would be a really useful feature please!

Agreed, would use this for sure!