Database on docker for log file

There seems very little info on installing a recorder for HA running in Docker. I’d like to get access to the entity data and it seems sqlite and docker don’t make this easy. At the same time the recommendation now seems to be to use sqlite. Is there a setup on docker that will allow me to access the sqlite data, or should I be using MariaDB or MySQL in a separate container, then connecting to this from my desktop to access the data? There may be configuration docs that I have missed, I have looked and not found much.

Both log-file and sqlite-file can be reached on the persistent volume but your message is unclear (for me) as to what you want… you can also setup the container to log elsewhere e.g. system

MariaDb in separate container is easiest and blazingly fast

Obligatory Andrew Clark tweet quote:

Tip when evaluating libraries: check if it’s blazing fast. If it’s fast, but the README doesn’t specify whether its fastness is blazing, keep searching. Often you can find a similar library that does the same thing, but blazingly. Blazing means good.

Also, prefer libraries that describe themselves as “minimal.” Minimal libraries are better than non-minimal libraries. Even better are “really minimal” libraries. Better still if they are “simple” or “very simple.” That’s the gold standard, really.

Yes…but… recently the sqlite got improved and it is now recommended by HA above others…I personally have mariadb as well since I prefer a more professional db and (more important) already have it for other apps

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