Database options (non-Pi) - which way to go?

I’m having issues with MariaDB - every start of HA is resulting in unfinished sessions and data is not being recorded in the database. I’ve wiped the database and started again and uninstalled Maria (through HassIO) and reinstalled to no real luck.

I’m already running Influx for long-term data storage (not that im doing anything with it at the moment) - it would be nice to be able to have a weeks data easily available in HA for graphing and the like

I’m thinking of wiping my config and rebuilding (for a few other reasons) and its given me cause to review which database to use given the issues i’ve been having - I only retain 7 days of data (which didnt seem to be working) - ditching SQLite back when I was running on a Pi made a lot of sense, but I’m wondering whether to go back there, persist with Maria or use Postgres - so im interested in peoples thoughts on which way to go.